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Since this Is my first weekly blog I will be talking about my personal and professional opinion of what’s it takes to run a restaurant kitchen. Now my favourite saying is you can tell a food chef buy how he makes his Hollandaise. A Hollandaise is a finicky emulation that can very quickly spoil with to much heat or to little care when making. Let’s now use that sentence talking about the kitchen. A Hollandaise can split. To long periods of high temperatures. This is like a restaurant team being under pressure for long periods of time with no rest. Bombarded with heat anyone would split from it.

A good Hollandaise needs attention when making you need to whisk vigorously, and you need hard work to make sure it doesn’t split. Whisk and add clarified butter at the right rate to make the emulsion work. Just like the Hollandaise, an employee needs attention they need to work hard, but you also need to train and work that employee at The rite rate for the individual employee to Set them up for Success.

The restaurant business is hard and in Canada because people don’t flock to your restaurant cause it the best in town for food.  You need to make people want to work with you, and I don’t mean lowering a high standard I just say sometimes it will be work to train someone who has potential to be good and fit with your standard.  If you don’t live in the culinary 101 box and like to be free then you need to show your employee your standard of how to cook.

An employee has many obstacles to being fully trained and knowing how to live and work the chef’s standard. Fine tuning themselves to the speed you desire. Training that eagle eye to spot anything in the kitchen that might be going wrong. Also, training their palette to recognize certain tastes in food that your looking. For training like this is hard work and can be costly but like a good Hollandaise its worth all the work and efforts to make sure your customer is having a memorable time and wants to come back.

Well that’s my blog this week come back next week for my next blog on Food Safe and what to expect in a restaurant kitchen.

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  • June 13, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    Love your new site….great videos hope it goes well for you.


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