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My name is Jaik Johnston I have been cooking for over 15 years in all aspects of cooking, from fine dining to diner cooking.  In my eyes, all food is fantastic, and my goal is to share it and my skills with the world.

Part of my goal is solidifying what our Canadian cuisine is. Since we are such a melting pot of culture, it is hard to say any one food is just Canadian, but we do have some, for example, Nanaimo bars, beaver tales, Saskatoon berry pie are just some of the authentic Canadian foods, and I want to find them all.

In this journey for our Canadian cuisine, I also want to offer my skills as a chef to the world from culinary videos on YouTube, daily tips on my website, to primary and intermediate cooking classes.  In these classes, I will teach you some necessary knife skills, at home ‘food safe’ and some create some of the recipes that I have made on my youtube chanel.  Furthermore I will demonstrate how the above ties into food waste management and sustainability.

Has your chef left and you’re stuck as the Owner doing all the work?  Then, contact me, and I can help put your kitchen back in order.  I will help you by bringing in and hiring staff and chefs to help run the kitchen.  Ensure you are ‘food safe” and all restaurant standards are in order and even help with menu planning.  If you feel the menu might be too large or too complicated with today’s modern client. I can help bring your food and labour cost down without sacrificing quality.

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Chef Jaik