My Services

Culinary Courses

My goal is to inspire, create, and help you learn new things in the kitchen.

I offer hands on and demonstration style communal/group cooking classes. The focus is on simple cooking skills that I believe are the foundation of simple and approachable cooking.  My objective is for everyone that learns to cook to use their skills everyday to enrich their lives through making their own food, for themselves and their family and friends.

I believe that the one thing that everyone can make in the kitchen is a better life.

Demonstration Cooking Classes

In my demonstration cooking classes  you still get to eat, but you sit back and relax while you watch, learn, enjoy and ask questions.  These cooking classes are great for topics that are very complex or slow moving with lots of instruction.

Hands On Cooking Classes

The majority of my cooking classes are a mix of hands-on and demonstration.  I will involve you in making several courses, and leave you stuffed with great food and loads of learning.

Here are some sample prices.  Call me so I can quote you for the type of classes you are interested in.

Basic Culinary Course $30 Per Person

Basic Culinary Course and Dinner $50 Per Person

Intermediate Culinary Course $60 Per Person

Intermediate Culinary Course and Dinner $80 Per Person


Kitchen Consulting

Are you have a hard time bringing down your Food and Labour cost, been looking for a chef but still getting stuck with the work. Let me help you input standard and practices that help to solve these problems and improve your bottom line.

First consultation: $75 an Hour

First hour free (Meet and Greet ) Minimum 3 Hours for the first visit to get a feel for how your kitchen runs during Mise En Place and service periods.